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Optimystic Bikers against Abuse


Interpersonal Violence is a Human Rights violation

Red Flags for Relationships

One red flag is not enough to get running, many red flags on the other hand....

Safety Planning

Checklist and tips for keeping safe when leaving an abusive relationship.

Please remember that the danger increases when leaving an abusive relationship and continues for some time (an average of 2 years) after.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders (All you need to know in Plain English)

A basic guide to protection orders.

Domestic Violence Information Form (Form1)

Domestic Violence Information Form (Form 1)

Protection Order Application Form (Form 2)

Application form for a Protection Order

Application for Further Warrant of Arrest (Form 9)

If you have used your Warrant of Arrest with your protection order you need to fill this in to get a new one...

Affidavit for Breach of Protection Order (Form 10)

This is the form you need to fill in if the other party has broken their Protection Order..

Notice to Appear Before Court (Form 11)

This is the form to be served on the party who breaks the Protection Order. It must be filled in by the police.

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