Not an Autobiography
Not a Self-Help Book
It's a Journeying Story.
Are you ready?



Celeste tells not only her own story, but the countless stories of women. Different women, same story. Her writing rips off the band aid – brutally honest and as unbelievable as every victim feels theirs seems.


“My Journey My Way” is more than that book that will help you on your journey. It is recounting your journey. That journey that all of us who has ever been abused has to travel.

Her conversational tone and clarity of fact reminds us that we are not alone and that there is hope.

So while you are trying to figure out if this book is the one, here you will find an easy read, an honest and engaging chat with zero fake advice and zero phsycho babble. Just raw, unadulterated guidance for anyone who is questioning themselves, their truth, their future.

Get off the carousel of the effects of abuse, and begin your journey into the better you.

Linda Fisher, BonRo Studios


I found my life running in tandem with the author's. My Journey My Way is a well written account of horrendous abuse, loss, and suffering, interwoven with huge globs of hope, humor, along with golden nuggets of healing. It epitomizes the strength and tenacity many survivors discover coming out the other "end" of abuse. 


It's a hard topic to write about and should be even harder to read but this book, through all the suffering and insecurities, is a real pleasure. There is no condescending attitude leaping from the pages, or any pushing of an agenda but rather a genuine, raw look at a life that refuses to give up on living. 


Cleverly written, it breathes fresh air into a new way of looking at how we deal with ourselves and how we heal. I would recommend this novella to anyone struggling to find their footing after experiencing abuse. It is a total surprising gift of a read.


Chelle McLaughlin

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