Embark on your Healing Journey and

Optimyse your Life

Don't allow trauma and bad experiences to define you and steal your happiness.
Journey with a Supportive Tribe to find your Peace, Power, and Healing 

You will learn practical skills:


- combat anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares

- build resilience

- bring order to your chaos

- how to be present in the now

- ways to heal from past and future hurts

You will build a knowledge base:

- what is abuse and trauma

- what is the fall out from surviving abuse

- why healing hurts 

- why not healing hurts more

You will find your way to being free to be you.

This is a Journeying Healing Course, the goal of which is to Elevate, Educate, and Empower.

The course is run as a group course - building a support network (tribe) of

long term, sustainable healing relationships.

Since this is a journeying course there is no set time for completion

(although 3 months to complete the course work is about an average)

The course is done via a WhatsApp group and with Zoom sessions and

you can also join our private healing group on Facebook

Recovering from abuse and trauma is a painful process

that often leaves you feeling very alone and unsupported.

You no longer have to do it alone -

become part of a group of supportive people who are on the same healing journey.

This program was designed to guide you through your healing

and give you the tools, coping strategies, and knowledge to

move forward and create a wonderful life. 

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Based in South Africa,
we provide online survivor support
both nationally and internationally
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