OptiMyse YOUR Journey

A Phased Online Healing Course

Embark on your Healing Journey and

Optimyse your Life

Don't allow trauma and bad experiences to define you and steal your happiness.
Journey with a Supportive Tribe to find your Peace, Power, and Healing 

Since opening in 2011, we’ve been committed to improving the way our survivors journey to healing. Whether it’s simplifying our operations or bridging the gap between healing  skills and techniniques and technology, we do everything possible to create the best safe and guiding environment for our students.


Our one-of-a-kind Phased Online Healing Journey Course provides the appropriate resources and personalization with WhatsApp group chats, one on one sessions, online course material and Zoom chats in a multimedia approach to maximising your experience.

You will learn practical skills:


- combat anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares

- build resilience

- bring order to your chaos

- how to be present in the now

- ways to heal from past and future hurts

You will build a knowledge base:

- what is abuse and trauma

- what is the fall out from surviving abuse

- why healing hurts 

- why not healing hurts more


OptiMysed Journey Group Course

3x Modules over 6 months

OptiMysed One on One Sessions

You can access 1 free consultation to discuss your needs - thereafter one-on-one sessions with one of our healers.

Join OptiMysed Healing on Facebook - this is a private group where we discuss all manner of healing topics and journeys.


Healing Options

You always have a choice

which road you follow.

You will find your way to being free to be you.

The OptiMysed Journeying Healing Course aims to Elevate, Educate, and Empower.

The course is run as a group course - building a support network (tribe) of

long term, sustainable healing relationships.

The course is done via a WhatsApp group and with Zoom sessions and

you can also join our private healing group on Facebook

The course is a 3 Phase programme:



Before your journey can begin we assess where you are on your healing journey.


Our course requires commitment and a desire and passion to travel the hard road to healing. 


As this course is a group course you have a responsibility to yourself and the other's on the course

to both be all in and to complete the course.

If our assessment suggests that you are not quite ready for our course,

we will do the work with you to get you to that point.


Our courses can accommodate a maximum of 10 people per course.

Where to from here?


This phase of the course helps survivors to better understand and process what has happened to them. 


We look at abuse, trauma and fallout as well as different types of abuse. 


We unpack the stages of abusive relationships and the long term effects of these relationships.

We start the process of building a tribe, trusting each other and becoming present in our lives.

Phase 1: Kickstart

Phase 2: The Parking Lot

Getting the basics sorted.


This course covers practical healing tips and strategies, knowledge base and acquiring the skills that maintain balance while healing.

This includes grounding, becoming present, changing your mindset and finding balance and safety in your today.

We practice practical strategies and solutions to our daily struggles so that we are prepared for the next phase of the course

Phase 3: On the Road

Healing the Past


On this part of the course we start the process of healing memories and dealing with past pain.


With the work we have already done we are ready to do this, stand in our best selves, while healing and processing the past.

Although the hardest section of the course it is the part with the most victory.

Note:  At no time in our journey together are you expected or required to perform you pain.


Month 1
15 minutes a day
1 hour Zoom session a week
WhatsApp Group Chat

Month 2
15 minutes a day
1 hour Zoom session a week
WhatsApp Group Chat

Month 3
15 minutes a day
2 half hour Zoom sessions a week
WhatsApp Group Chat

Recovering from abuse and trauma is a painful process

that often leaves you feeling very alone and unsupported.

You no longer have to do it alone -

become part of a group of supportive people who are on the same healing journey.

This program was designed to guide you through your healing

and give you the tools, coping strategies, and knowledge to

move forward and create a wonderful life.