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Celeste Louw

Vice-President and Founding Member

Optimystic Bikers against Abuse

Living optimystically with faith to overcome domestic violence and child abuse. We run awareness campaigns, a support group and assist other organisations where we can. We believe in a holostic approach which treats healing as a journey.

Survivor of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence, Professional Speaker, Educator, OptiMyser, Healing Guide 

Celeste is a highly-skilled, compassionate, empathetic, and solutions-oriented expert in her field, dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for those exposed to trauma and abuse through holistic healing models incorporating practical positive reinforcement techniques.

From a position of personal experience and hands-on assistance with domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault a demonstrated track record of success working with diverse client populations in one-on-one and group settings.

She is an effective motivator, communicator, trainer, and advocate with the inherent ability to proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives. She establishes rapport quickly, builds trust, interacts with, and relates to individuals on all levels.

"What defines me is that I choose to be uniquely, fiercely me, living my life positively Optimystic and

extending a hand to anyone else who wants to be the same.


Being abused as a child and then later a victim of domestic violence, I have grown into the role of a healing guide, activist and biker. I work every day to combat GBV from a human rights perspective,” she says.


“I believe we have one life and we should deeply live it.”

Whether in boardrooms, classrooms, police stations, courtrooms, or in the field Celeste brings a fresh approach to dealing with the complicated issues of Gender-Based Violence, trauma, and abuse.

Celeste has developed leadership skills that have proven in successful group facilitation, interpersonal, organizational, analytical, and networking.


"Every person I can help gives me the courage and strength to carry on. I also have a great support

network which is vital. Without a tribe, a team, a club – whatever you want to call it – this would not be possible.

I am grateful for every person who keeps me going so I can help others,

especially my husband, family, and organisation.”

Our Leadership

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Chairman of the Board

Prodigy has been a board member since the very beginning days. He has a passion for community work and is deeply committed to creating real and sustainable change at a grassroots level.

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Board Member

Renski has been a member of our board since our inception. Her continued support is of incredible value to us.

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Board Member (Finances)

Wilma is our Chief Bean Counter and passionate survivor.  We are honored to have someone with her financial knowledge behind us.

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Neil is the President of Optimystic Bikers against Abuse MCC.

Need we say more?

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Jessica serves both the club and organisation with pride and honour and is an indispensable member of our team.

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Master at Arms

Edwin earned his rank in the early days of Optimystic and is an active member of both the club and organisation, also serving on the board.

Optimystic Bikers Against Abuse MCC

An Optimyst


  • Is a modern-day Knight of the Road, first and foremost a servant of the Optimyst cause. 

  • Respects all religions, never offending the faith of another.

  • Respects all those who are weak or defenseless and be steadfast in defending them. The reasons for another's helplessness do not affect the nature of this decision. 

  • Loves their community and fulfills most faithfully their duties to their leadership. 

  • Must never flee from the face of their foes.

  • Abides by their OptiMyser Pledge.

  • Is proud of being a biker and does not ride because it is fashionable to do so but because biking is our way of life.

  • Knows the limits of their stead, how to care for and control it.

  • Does not fear death, nor seek it prematurely.

  • Respects other bikers as bikers and follows the Biker Code.

  • Preserves and honors the traditions of bikers who have come before them.

  • Shares the truth of themselves with others so they might understand and not fear them.

  • Respects and obeys leadership following rank up to the President.

  • Is dependable, honest, and loyal beyond doubt or question.

We are a registered bike club and our members earn their patches during their year's prospecting.

If you are interested in prospecting or wish to become our supporter contact us.

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