Optimystic MCC (a registered charity bike club) members earn their colours

by prospecting for at least 12 months. 


We are a human rights organisation focused on interpersonal violence and abuse.

We are proud of who we are which can be summarised as follows:


An Optimyst


  • is a modern day Knight of the Road, first and foremost a servant of the Optimyst cause. 

  • respects all religions, never offending the faith of another.

  • respects all those who are weak or defenseless and be steadfast in defending them. The reasons for another's helplessness do not affect the nature of this decision. 

  • loves their community and fulfills most faithfully their duties to their leadership. 

  • must never flee from the face of their foes.

  • abides by their Silence Breaker Pledge.

  • is proud of being a biker and does not ride because it is fashionable to do so but because biking is our way of life.

  • knows the limits of their stead, how to care for and control it.

  • does not fear death, nor seek it prematurely.

  • respects other bikers as bikers and follows the Biker Code.

  • preserves and honours the traditions of bikers who have come before them.

  • shares the truth of themselves with others so they might understand and not fear them.

  • respects and obeys leadership following rank up to National President.

  • is dependable, honest and loyal beyond doubt or question.




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