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What People Say

Wilma Naude

I had a real scary thought this morning, when we started this course I couldn't wait for it to get done, I just wanted to feel something other than pain and desperation, even considered a few times to just give it up and quit the course, but Celeste and my tribe was there like a lighthouse on a stormy night, guiding me to safety.

It dawned on me that we are almost at the finish line, we can actually see it. The hard work has paid off, we are people again.

I have come to depend on each and every one of you, more than what I realized. Celeste was always just a phone call away with absolute support and understanding, gently guiding me out of the rough seas to the calm beach.

I know we have to stand on our own feet now, that is the scary bit. There are so many out there that needed what we have been given, and Celeste is only one person.

I want to keep you all to myself forever.

We are standing at the end of the road, fully equipped to live life to its fullest, for some of us for the first time ever, for others a new beginning.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every one of you being there, sharing the journey.


Celeste you changed my life, you are a miracle worker sent to us by a higher power, never stop doing what you were born to do – the world needs you.


Abuse: Understanding the Fallout


Important, informative, and insightful. This was a valuable and empowering experience.


I gained a greater understanding about the impact of abuse, the associated trauma, as well as behavioural patterns.


The information that was shared with regard to options for assisting is invaluable.

Chelle McLaughlin

I've watched your groups journey from afar. Read their struggles, seen their denial, their anger, their sadness and their surrender.


Only to see them emerge stronger, with acceptance but new vigor for the future.


Your course on a healing journey is remarkable. There is none like it.


I'm very proud to know you.


Last night I realized how big a change this course has in my life.


I had a situation yesterday. I was a bit upset I still am as its something I have no control over.


But I am definitely seeing a Big change in the way I am handling it. I am not overthinking it and

I can't say I am not stressed I am.

But not half as bad as I normally would be. I am also using the term "what will be will" be

on the things I can't change.


What an incredible journey.

This has been such a healing blessing. You have no idea....


What is so powerful to me is I've learnt so much on this course. I've grown to be proud of myself.


I've learnt to accept things now that I couldn't. I see it what it is....


I don't react or respond the way I used to.

This course has been such a blessing and I cannot thank you enough.

Estelle Cass

I am a Humanitas Counseling Services intern, as per requirements of my practicals I had to partner with one organisation.


Bikers Optimysing seemed like an obvious choice because of my experiences of growing up with abuse. After meeting Celeste and recently joining her courses she offers on GBV I realized that I didn't choose Bikers Optimysing....Bikers Optimysing chose me. The course and how it's unpacked by Celeste is done in such an authentic manner, her lived experiences and as a survivor herself, brings the most important aspect to other  survivors, and that is HOPE.


Her description of people being survivors and not victims is so profound, because victims suggest that post-the abuse they remain trapped and cannot move on with their lives.


This course is a must for every women, every man, every person from all walks of society because GBV touches us in one way or another. Subscribe now and empower yourself for this and the generations to come


I am sharing this because I think often people think of healing or a healing course as if it is something like an academic course. Healing is not linear. It is not like learning your ABCs.


I so love to read everyone’s stories now that we have completed the course, in the beginning we also posted some of our stories but then it was so full of pain and suffering, you could actually feel the hopelessness/ helplessness, we were stuck.

We tried to hide our shame and self-doubt for landing up where we were.


We all knew exactly what we wanted from the course, and in the beginning of the course I got really upset, felt snubbed quite a few times by Celeste’s by now very well-known responses, of we will get there, it will be handled later and a few more like that.

At one stage I was even wondering if she knew what she was doing (Sorry Celeste), or if she is just dragging the course out to look up the answers.


Today after we have been through, a lot of pain and hurt, down in the darkness of depression, fighting every step of the way, with our tribe sharing our pain, and Celeste guiding us slowly but surely in the right direction our stories changed.

The eye opener for me was, our stories didn’t really change, but they have changed, our stories that was so full of pain and anger, have now become part of us and it can be described and communicated as easy as recounting a trip to the shop.

Celeste thank you, in my eyes you went from someone that don’t know what they are doing, to the best thing that ever happened in my life.

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