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Celeste is the author of a number of titles, starting with a poetry collection first published in 2016 and illustrated by her sister-from-another-mother.  This collection was penned while she was still in university in the late '80s and early 90s.  


My Journey, My Way is part autobiography, part healing self-help guide and the first in a planned series of books focusing around the journey we all have to make... the journey to our best selves.

The Little Book of OptiMysm is a collection of sayings, thoughts and ideas stemming from Celeste's daily inspirations that have formed part of her self-exploration journey which she shares on various social media daily.  This started as a self challenge to see if she could build a habit by shear will. 

Celeste wrote The Fourteenth Vision of the Passing Snail complilation of poems in her early twenties.

Watch the wall for more releases coming soon. All titles are available on Amazon.

Hopefully there is something for everyone who is seeking answers to life's most challenging questions.

Open Book

Motivational Speaker, Auth

Celeste Uncensored - Real and Raw-

From There to Here - a story of victory and resilience

Be inspired by Celeste's story of how she used her experience of recovering from being abused as a child and being a victim of domestic violence to help others overcome the same trauma. Discover how she grew into a healing guide, activist, and biker who works every day to fight against abuse and violence and leads survivors through a unique healing journey.


You can also book training sessions and informative and educational workshops tailored to your needs.

Celeste is a published author, motivational speaker, and expert in her field.


She has provided workshops and presentations to numerous audiences ...


Celeste speaking
Celeste speaking
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