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Choose between group or individual Courses to find your way to your best YOU!

Motivational Speaking

Celeste Uncensored - Raw and Real-

From There to Here - a story of victory and resilience

Be inspired by Celeste's story of how she used her experience of recovering from being abused as a child and then being a victim of domestic violence to help others overcome the same trauma. Discover how she grew into a healing guide, activist, and biker who works every day to fight against abuse and violence and leads survivors through a unique healing journey.

What defines me is that I choose to be uniquely, fiercely me, living my life positively OptiMystic and extending a hand to anyone else who wants to be the same.


“I believe we have one life and we should deeply live it.”

Celeste is the author of "My Journey My Way, Rising from the Ashes of Abuse"



Tailored Talks

Depending on your needs

  •  Resilience

  •  Faith

  •  Healing

  •  Overcoming

  •  GBV related issues including, but not limited to, sexual offences, abuse and trauma

Celeste is a published author, motivational speaker, and expert in her field.


She has provided workshops and presentations to numerous audiences ...

  • SAPS Intervention Unit,

  • LifeLine Northern Cape,

  • Northern Cape Drug Rehabilitation Centre,

  • the National Shelter Movement (NISAA Institute for Women’s Development),

  • the Northern Cape Department of Public Works and the

  • Parliamentary High-Level Panel on the Assessment of Key Legislation.

​Tailor-made workshops on handling interpersonal violence, understanding abuse, and various other topics around human rights violations are available on request.

Prices vary in range according to topic and type allocated. Funds raised are plowed into the fight against domestic violence and abuse.

Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligation quote.

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