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Do you need a hand up, a way forward, or some help to be the best you that you can be?


We are dedicated to providing

Exceptional Care and Support 

for people irrespective of gender, race, culture,

social standing, sexuality, spirituality, or creed

who have experienced Trauma and Abuse.


We do crisis intervention and assist survivors

from a survivor’s perspective.

That means we walk with you from the time you contact us,

helping you through all the practical and legal processes

(with referrals and experiential advice) while supporting you emotionally and starting you on your healing journey with 

Specialized and Unique Healing Programs

designed to help you progress towards living an Exceptional Life.

To access our support services please click here.

For court support or assistance with policing please click here.

To access our healing courses please click here.

You can join our OptiMysed Healing group on facebook.



 Evil prevails when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke

You Can Make a Difference


Your donations make it possible for us to bring Hope, Help & Change 

to Victims and Survivors of Abuse and Violence. With your help, we assist and support them to Safely Escape, Heal, and create a New Life thus breaking the cycle and bringing real change for future generations.





You can make a real difference by Volunteering Your Time to help us with Court Support, Fundraising, and creating more Social Awareness and Reach through social media.

If you are a biker you can become a supporter of, or prospect for Optimystic Bikers against Abuse. 

Host Informative and Educational Workshops, Talks, and Events to help us  

raise awareness and educate more people around issues of domestic violence, abuse, and other human rights violations.

This also creates an opportunity to raise 

funds for this very worthwhile cause.  


Motivational Speaker, Auth



Celeste Unplugged -

From There to Here - a story of victory and resilience

Be inspired by Celeste's story of how she used her experience of recovering from being abused as a child and being a victim of domestic violence to help others overcome the same trauma. Discover how she grew into a healing guide, activist, and biker who works every day to fight against abuse and violence and leads survivors through a unique healing journey.


You can also book training sessions and informative and educational workshops tailored to your needs.

Celeste is a published author, motivational speaker, and expert in her field.


She has provided workshops and presentations to numerous audiences ...




Over 10 years ago we embarked on a journey to bring hope and healing

to survivors of abuse everywhere. 

      Optimystic is part of the Skukumisa network with ties to organizations such as Tears, SA Women Fight Back, LifeLine, FAMSA, GBV Network, and various other non-profit organizations, assisting survivors of abuse and

crime from all walks of life.


Be the change you wish to see in the world  -  Mahatma Gandhi

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Get your

Creating Safety First Guide 


Do you know someone that is experiencing abuse or violence and you want to help them but are unsure how to?

These practical tips and advice will help you to manage the situation and take the right actions

while keeping them safe.


If you are the survivor this will help you to find the right help while acting with your safety in mind.  

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