A Week of Lessons

If this week has taught me anything it is:

We are fighting a battle against hearts and minds that are prejudiced, bigoted and judgmental.

We have a long way to go to debunk the myths and misinformation around Gender Based Violence.

We need more, much more, courageous conversation - discussing the issues openly and honestly without fear of judgment and prejudice.

We need less victim shaming and blaming - less assumptions and jumping to conclusions.

We need to encourage others to think, think and think again about the onslaught and fallout from naming and shaming - so that if they decide to they know what is going to be coming at them.

The task at hand is huge, the issues are complicated and our responses on social media need to come from a place understanding, educating, empathising rather than hatred, anger and despair. 

Just because things are in the public arena doesn't mean people get to be cruel, rude, condescending and truly degrading.

Abuse is never funny. Turning people's pain and trauma into comedic retorts and videos is deplorable - to say the least.

Right now everyone loses. Humanity loses.

Can we ever teach people how to comment, post, debate... communicate... keeping in mind the pain and trauma their words and "opinions" cause?

If this week taught me anything it is that we haven't even chipped away at the deep underlying drivers of abuse and trauma.

If this week taught me anything it is that each one needs to reach one.

It taught me that we have a long, long road to connected humanity.

Saddened, angered, horribly disappointed in humanity... tommorrow is another day to start OptiMysing again.

Tonight it is time for a break.

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