Connected Humanity

Sexual assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, spiritual abuse... all the forms of abuse you can think of.

These are crimes against humanity.

Regardless the gender, colour, creed, status or class of the victim or perpetrator.

How do you measure who's trauma is worse? All of these are horrendous crimes against humanity... they destroy other human beings!

They are HUMAN rights violations.

Until we see each other's humanity and understand that the consequences of abuse are similar, no matter what "type" of human you are, how will we change anything?

We argue over points of order that mask the problem. The underlying problem. I believe, our inability to see each other's humanity is at the core of the problem. The one thing that ties us together.

So we can argue, we can try fighting violence with violence, intimidating intimidators, get into a racial, clasist, sexist, religious war - what will we achieve?

We will topple one oppressor only to become a different oppressor ourselves. What point is there in that?

Equality, drawing a line in the sand and saying, "Here we are all human!" seems a good place to start.

Maybe the truth of being real and unique and entirely connected by our shared humanity will lead to a better world.


Then maybe the competition of who is worse off will end.

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