Dare to be Different

The world has taught us many things.

Compete for status, money, your own pleasure. 

Don't get involved.

Look after number one.

If you can't earn it, just take it.

Popularity before integrity.

And where has it got the world? 

More importantantly, how far down the rabbit hole is it going to take us before we stop repeating history, waging nonsensical wars with each other from inside our homes, our comunities, our countries, the world?

Will we ever see a different way?

A connected way - an ability to accept and celebrate our differences whilst treating each other with connected humanity.

Can we accept and acknowledge each other as human first and let go of the power struggle of who is stronger, kinder, richer, wiser, more beautiful, right?

History has taught us that repeatedly fighting over who has power and who is subjugated eventually ends in more war, to see who has power and who is subjugated.

No war has ended in equality.  

Isn't it time we put down the ideology of power, fear, control and status?

Isn't it time to courageously address our fears, our challenges, our ability to stand up against agendas that do not bring unity and equality in different ways?

Isn't it time to be different?

Dare to put down the fight, tune out the agendas that create division and start building peace. 

We can change the world, starting in our own spaces.

Starting with healing. 

Starting with courageous conversation to address our prejudices and fears.

Starting in our homes. 

Starting with not rising in anger, fear and pain.

Breaking down division, violence and pain where we are. 

Building safety, security and spreadkng joy, kindness and empathy.

Dare to be different.

Every day.

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