Getting Real about the Issues

It's time. It's time for us to collectively stand up and take responsibility for what we are saying

- let's cut through the intellectual, political debate and meaningless rhetoric and get real.

Crime is crime. Thieves steal. Muggers mug. Abusers abuse. Molestors molest. Rapists rape.

These words aren't gender, class, race, culture or sexual orientation specific. They may be more predominant in one of these categories but they are found in all of them. The solution needs to be inclusive too!

We have become a society that has no value for life, property, health. The innocent are behind bars and the criminals roam free and when they are caught they have more human rights than the average law abiding citizen and far more rights than their victims.

We are being distracted by conversations that are pedantic and pointless. We are discussing the usual scapegoats for all societies ills: the government, the poverty, the lack of infrastructure, the lack of service delivery....

At the end of the day the solution lies with us. Each of us. We are not sheep being led to slaughter. It continues because we allow it to continue.

We don't hold each other (first), our wider social circle (second), our community (expanding out) or our local service providers and finally, the government accountable.

So do we really want change? Or are we stuck in bitching and moaning about how no one is doing anything about it when we are doing nothing ourselves?

Stand up. Use your voice. Challenge, debate, grow but most of all ACT.

To see change we need to be change.

That's the bottom line.

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