Healing is for Everyone

Everyday I work with the broken and the lost. The survivors of all kinds of abuses and traumas.

I see the pain and fear in their eyes, the same pain and fear I had in mine when I was broken and lost.

This post is not about being broken.

This post is about taking back what has been stolen from you - your selfworth, your joy, your hope and your love.

This is about the healing path you CHOOSE. Yes you choose it. Then you walk it, work it and own it. You warrior up, work hard at it and reclaim and redefine who you are.

You become the best you you can be despite what has happened to you. You overcome because you are worth more than what has been dealt to you!

You laugh again - because life is good.

You love again - because it gives life new meaning.

You let go - because it's better to be free than a prisoner to someone else's madness.

You rediscover yourself in an unimaginably beautiful way!

That's healing. That's what I have found... I am living, breathing proof that you can walk through the fire and come out better, stronger, whole!

Not every day is good in every way but every day has some good in it.

Healing isn't only for me - or for the "strong". It's for every victim and every survivor - if they really want it!

That's why I love what I do. I help others become the best they can be. There is no way to express what it feels like to see someone rise from the ashes of their life.

That is why I will not back down. I will not shut up and I will not give in.

Each of you reading this deserve every joy, every minute of happiness and every moment of victory! I hope you have the courage to stand up and seek it out and then the will to follow through!

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