I am not "Strong" I am Journeying

Strength is often putting one foot in front of the other until we get to the other side.

We all have it.

Sometimes we look at people and think they are stronger than us and we could never have that strength, but it isn't true.

We are all equal to and strong enough for our challenges if we rely on our support network, keep moving, keep learning, keep striving and value ourselves.

We are all 100% successful at overcoming our circumstances right up until right now.

We need to value our own abilities to develop and grow resilience and face our challenges head on, not measure ourselves on the perceived strength of others.

When people assume you have some sort of strength super power it not only minimises the journey you have travelled but sets a standard for you where you feel guilty for being human, for struggling and journeying.


We are all equally human.

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