Impossible Possibility not Toxic Positivity

Is this the world we buy into - the world where turning our negatives into positives is a bad thing; when real, intense seeking of the positive is considered toxic?

Yes, it is ok to not always be ok. Yes, you can't be positive all the time and it is more than probable that sometimes positivity is positively annoying - but usually that's because it is superficial positivity.

What are your options? Would you rather buy into the version of the world most people are selling you? It's angry, violent, judgmental, negative. It's a world of entitlement, selfishness, greed.

Do you really want to let go of the idea of impossible possibilities and stay stuck in the "nothing is going to change and everything is horrible" attitude that is almost stifling in it's prevalence?

Can we change the world by being more angry, violent, judgmental and negative?

Do we fight for change, or empower for change?

Do we beat, berate, subjugate and humiliate for change?

What does that create?

The only way to get a different result is by changing what we do.

Instead we continue to repeat history using the same techniques that broke us to try to accomplish healing the world.

NOTHING will change until WE change what we are doing. Which begs the question, why in the midst of a changing world, when nothing seems certain or even comfortable, are we still repeating that history?

We need to believe more than ever before that anything, ANYTHING, is possible, or we will end up worse off than ever before.

Believe in impossible possibilities.

Believe in the indomitable spirit of humanity.

Believe that today, we individually and collectively can do better, be better and live better lives.

Perhaps the difficulty in continuing to believe, is we keep expecting logical, humane thinking from traumatized, broken people or even power hungry, self-centered, egotistical people.

We expect someone else to change the world, or perhaps we just assume that there is someone out there doing that.

We assume others think like us, because we can't imagine thinking any other way - even when the evidence proves otherwise. We cannot expect rational, understandable behaviour from devastated, subjugated and traumatized people. We cannot expect power mad, greedy controlling people to relinquish their power for the sake of humanity.

We need to empower compassion, empathy and understanding in people. WE need to change what is popular, desirable and considered essential by making it valuable and worthy of our time and attention.

We cannot expect trauma bonded people to be able to break that bond easily, or simply to be healed because circumstances changed. Circumstances changing moves people, it doesn't heal people. Survivors have survival skills - they survived because they had to, not because the damage was healed. They won't heal by just sitting in better circumstances - they have to work for healing, strive for it, want it deeply and passionately.

We can't assume anything. We have to communicate, empower, learn, teach, love, grow. We have to learn to keep our power and not give it away. We have to believe that what we once may have thought of as impossible - is and truly can be possible.

We need to turn our negatives into positives, we need to overcome our challenges. We need to live with a yearning, a passion, a great, thundering desire for peace and equality, and then, and most probably only then, will we rise, together, into a new reality built on the ashes of our pain and fear.

Then and only then will we balance out the imbalance in our world.

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