Is Violence ever the Answer?

This topic has really been at the front of my mind lately.  I see, read and hear a lot of violent rhetoric lately and it just makes me think... how is this a solution?

A person asks for help... they were beaten or raped or harassed... at least a dozen people comment... "kick his ass", "shoot him", "send him home in a body bag"... sure it sounds good in a way, it speaks to our animal urge for retribution and annihilation of evil... but does it solve anything?

I really don't think it does.

If I fight violence with violence, or for that matter evil with evil, do I win?  

The older I get the more the answer seems to be "No." Sure, I have a Leb temper and reacting aggressively is nothing new to me and something I work very hard on.  The answer still seems a simple "No". Sure we aren't talking about defending ourselves when under attack.  That is a completely different scenario.

Someone hurts me so I wait until I am calm and then I go out and hurt that person? How does that solve the problem?

To me all this violent rhetoric is just making the situation worse.

"Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary." Gandhi

Ok so I put my head out to be sliced off again... but that's today's 2c worth!

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