It's YOUR Choice

My journey to healing is ongoing. I don't claim to be healed. Healing is a process. I don't claim to have the all the answers... Who does?

Is there a prescribed road to being healed from abuse? Take three pills twice a day for six weeks... Do this 3 month course...

Could be, but nope, I haven't seen it.

What I do know is that with love, compassion, open-minded hard work, perseverance and faith healing becomes a way of life.

Over time pain decreases and joy increases, suddenly there is light and not just darkness, hope where there was despair...

Over time the skills you learn to cope with your PTSD, dissociation disorder, broken heart, shattered faith become the foundation of a life of purpose, contentment and happiness.

So if I have learned anything on this road it's this... Take control of your journey, take your power back and make your own choices - whatever they may be.

Make your own mistakes!

Create your own successes!

You can convince yourself anything. You can convince yourself you are a failure and become one or you can convince yourself you are a success and become one.

You can convince yourself you are in love with someone who hurts and degrades you and then use the power of your mind to prevent you from leaving OR you can convince yourself you are worth more than your abuser tells you you are. Its your choice.

Choose wisely.

Choose freedom.

Choose joy.

I did and it's a decision I am proud of - even though the road was hard, even though healing comes with pain. It was worth it to be where I am today.




It's your choice.

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