Live an Authentic Life

Somewhere along the road to here someone told me that living an authentic life had changed the way they saw the world. I don't think I understood that until recently... Yes, sure, it sounds easy... until you begin to realise how many levels of authenticity there are!

When you understand that you can't just agree with others to keep the peace - when you have to look another person in the eye and say, "Sorry, no! I am not going to just go with the flow." - then suddenly you begin to realise how many times you have kept silent and just let things slide.

In order to live authentically - to live out what you believe - you have to run against your natural will to conform... To fit in, to be popular. It is not easy... But its worth it.

The peace of being in harmony with yourself is well worth losing your bondage to popularity.

Of course, this can go two ways... Down a dark road to self-indulgence or down a unbeaten track to selflessness... Your choice.

I have been called ignorant because of what I believe, ignorant and foolish. I have been told that what I believe is ridiculous and confining.

At the end of the day I believe... trust... myself as intelligent enough to see the wood for the trees. No matter what truth we think we possess we can only change the world we live in through positive, authentic living.

That's what I believe.

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