Ok here goes and you know what, for once I am not going to count my words.

This is not a "you are going to be ok" blog.

You are not going to simply be ok.

I am angry.

I am angry that so many live in fear and pain because they think they can never heal or be free of the past.

Floundering around in your own brain and looking for the answers you want to hear until someone gives you them is not going to help you.

You say I will always be broken, I call bullshit!

You say, I will always have pain, anger, fear, I call bullshit.

You say, I will never be whole, again I say bullshit.

You say I cannot let it go. Cannot... or WILL not?

You are comfortable in it. It is your armour and your comfort blanky.

You don't have time? MAKE time.

You are scared of the unknown? FACE it.

I KNOW you can. I know you feel weak, afraid, stuck, broken. I also know you are capable, strong.and worthy.

I know because if I can manage disabilty, PTSD, dissociation disorder, depression, anxiety and wake up every day optimistic; if I have scars and not gaping wounds; if I could heal and still walk a healing journey every day, let go of the pain and the fear and all the morass of trauma. SO CAN YOU!

I am not saying it is easy, or quick. I am not saying there is only one way to do it. I am not saying you are not suffering.

I am saying you don't have to walk around broken. You are entitled to healing, joy and peace.

You have the RIGHT and the POWER to BE FREE. Comfortable in your own skin and able to live fully and truly in your uniqueness and authenticity.

I say GET UP. I say HEAL... find your answers, your way.

I did it and am doing that every day!

Why not you?

#IamanOptimyst #Iamfree

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